18.09.2017: Kirkon Ulkomaanapu pyytää tarjouksia maaohjelmaevaluaatioihin
Kohdemaat ovat Kambodza ja Somalia. Tarjouspyynnöt tulee Kambodzan osalta toimittaa 20.9.2017 ja Somalian osalta 25.9.2017 mennessä.
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07.09.2017: Save the date: Presentation of the Evaluation on the Programme-based Support through Finnish Civil Society Organizations 26.9. and webinar 27.9.
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) evaluates the programme-based support (PBS) through Finnish civil society organizations (CSOs) in three separate evaluations. The evaluation contains the assessment of the PBS funding modality and the development cooperation programmes of the CSOs receiving this type of support. A total of 19 CSOs and three foundations receive this type of support. Some of these CSOs receive also humanitarian funding from the MFA that was also contained in this evaluation.
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31.08.2017: 3rd Nordic Implementation Conference 28-30.5.2018 Kööpenhaminassa
The 3rd Nordic Implementation Conference will take place from May 28 to May 30, 2018. The conference advances the field of implementation science and practice. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange and critical debate among implementers from practice, research and policy. Our scope is multidisciplinary, and we invite professionals from all human service sectors – health, social welfare, and education – to attend.
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