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Finnish Evaluation Society

The Finnish Evaluation Society (FES) was founded in 1999. It is a registered associated with 230 members.

Its mission is to promote the evolution of evaluation theory, practice and understanding, as well as the deployment of interdisciplinary evaluation know-how in society. Its goal is to contribute to the dynamic, international evaluation culture in the activities of public, private and third sector.


In order to meet the objectives of knowledge development and dissemination of evaluation and its education, FES organizes different activities, such as the yearly conference, discussion forums every second month, thematic groups and a yearly evaluation supplement in the referee-journal of Administrative Studies. Most of the activities are in Finnish, but two of the annual seminars and one of the evaluation supplements have been in English. Meetings and exchange of knowledge with the Nordic evaluation societies and NESE are important, as well as the collaboration with the EES with whom FES organized the highly succesful 10th Biennale conference in Helsinki, 2012

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For more information about the Finnish Evaluation Society, please contact the executive committee:

President Pekka Pesonen pekka.pesonen (at)

Secretary Johanna Nurmi johanna.nurmi (at)